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BCB Hot Weather Cooling Boonie Hat

bcb cooling hatBCB Cooling Boonie Hat
Available in 4 sizes - sizes run small

The BCB Hot Weather Cooling Hat is a classic military style hat designed for operations in hot climates. A mesh netting, which is backed with a fine mosquito netting, helps ventilate the head and prevents heat from being trapped inside the BCB Cooling Hat. An integral poly-crystal chamber in the top of the hat can also be immersed in water to provide extra cooling to the top of the head.

Like the Neck Cooling Scarf, the cooling action is simple but very effective. Simply immerse the cooling chamber in water for 10-20 minutes and get a cooling action for up to 12 hours. Best of all, this high quality cooling hat can be used with or without water.

Heat Stroke has been defined as a core body temperature that rises above 104°F accompanied by hot, dry skin and central nervous system abnormalities such as delirium, convulsions, or coma. In heat stroke and heat exhaustion inducing conditions, one should take all the precautions available. This Boonie Cooling Hat aids in cooling the head and keeping the sun off of the head, face, neck and shoulders and in turn helps to prevent heat stroke.

Size: S, M, L, XL
Cools up to 12 hours
Weight: Negligible
Color: Sand
Mesh Ventilation
Removable Nape Guard and Neck Tie
Order Code: BGCL087S
Cooling Hat

BCB Hot Weather Cooling Hat

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