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Bushcraft Crusader Stainless Cup and Cooker

bcb bushcraft crusader cookset stove and cupblack
Crusader Stainless Cup and Cooker Unit

Crusader Cup and Cooker Replacement 

The Crusader Cup is designed to fit beneath the NATO Water Bottle, and doubles as a cooking pot. It is constructed of high-grade matt finished stainless steel with a black non-stick PTFE or silver finish. The Crusader Cup and Cooker are NATO approved and provide a great survival cooking solution. The Crusader Cup interlocks with the Crusader Cooking Unit, and they accept with the NATO Water Bottle and Cup thus making one integral unit.

The Crusader Cooker is an innovative new solid and gel fuel field cooker designed to meet the changing requirements of the future combat soldier and adventurer alike. An integral folding arm on this survival cooker allows the cup to fit securely over a fuel crucible that holds either gel fuel, solid fuel or alcohol.
A small slot in this survival stove cooker provides efficient air intake while the walls of the cooker provide shielding against the wind.

Combo Unit: Crusader Cup and Cooker
Black only

Crusader Cup
Black Only

Crusader Cooker
Black only 



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