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Bushcraft Grand Fireball Flint and Striker


Bushcraft Grand Fireball Flint and Striker
The Original Firestarter Just Got Better

This new design is safer and more comfortable to use. Plus it comes with a small liquid filled button compass in the handle, while The flint and striker of Grand Fireball slide and lock together.

The Bushcraft Fireball Flint and Striker was originally designed and developed as the
first fire lighting flint and striker for the British Military, but has become a favorite with woodsman and survivalist alike. Designed for continual use, the Fireball Flint and Striker will start thousands of
fires and perform in some of the harshest weather conditions. With a specially designed alloy of magnesium and aluminum, the Fireball Flint and Striker will produce a shower of reliable sparks, reaching as hot as 3000˚. It has advantages of a new hardened “V” shaped blade for increased spark.

Length; 4.5"
Weight; 2 oz.
Fireball Flint and Striker




100% Veteran Owned

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