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BCB Fire Dragon Solid Fuel

BCB Fire Dragon Solid Fuel
NATO approved - NSN: 9110-99-505-2835

FireDragon is a lightweight, environmentally friendly and waterproof solid cooking fuel. It is used by outdoor enthusiasts and the military to light fires, cook food and boil water in all weather conditions. The solid fuel blocks are quick and easy to ignite even when wet. FireDragon is both odourless and non-toxic resulting in a clean burn. Saving you time, money as well as protecting the environment, FireDragon is the perfect companion whatever your outdoor pursuit.

•Quick & easy to ignite
•Light even when wet
•VERY little soot
•Suitable for extreme conditions
•Made from sustainable ingredients
•Approx 8 minutes burn time
•Low luminosity
•Easy to store and handle
•Safe to be packed with food
•Calorific value approx 29,000 (kj/kg)
•Potential for use as a hand sanitizer** - Simply rub over your hands like a waterless soap, to clean your hands
•One block will burn for about 8 minutes
•Two blocks for about 12 minutes
•Can be used with a variety of cookers
•Made from sustainable, natural biofuel
•Air transportable (UN class 4.1, packaging class II)





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