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Supreme  "Unbelievable"  Saw

Supreme Unbelievable Saw

This is the same saw used by the BCB and sells for $39.00

Faster and easier than any saw you have ever used. Cuts through 3" diameter limb in 20 seconds. Made of high strength, heat treated steel. Stays sharp almost indefinitely. 21" long with 92 bi-directional teeth coated for rust resistance. Comes with two handles.
A pocket sized, heavy-duty survival saw made from riveted sections of band-saw style blade. It will cut anything from a thin branch to a large trunk, with longevity comparable to a traditional bow saw.
*Bi-directional cutting
*Tapered teeth prevent blade sticking whilst cutting
*Can be thrown over high braches for cutting above head height
*Useful for survival, wood clearing, travelling and gardening
*Two handle styles- plastic grips (Unbelievable saw only)
*Great for military, police, and survival situations

Supreme Unbelievable Saw

supreme unbelievable saw
View Supreme Pocket Chain Saw in Action

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