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Dave Canterbury Laminated Outdoor Survival Guides

Co-star of a popular TV show (Dual Survival) and founder of the Pathfinder School, Dave Canterbury brings his military background and survival skills to the newest line of pocket guides: The Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guide® series. This series offers 8 titles and teaches readers how to use the tools nature provides to survive a variety of outdoor emergencies and situations

All OF DAVE CANTERBURY'S OUTDOOR SURVIVAL GUIDES are laminated for durability, WATERPROOFED and folded for convenient packing.
Author: J.M. Kavanagh, Dave Canterbury
Illustrations: Raymond Leung
Size: 8.25" H x 3.5" W
Weight: 1 OZ

Improvised  Hunting Weapons Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to Making Simple Tools for Survival

In an emergency survival situation, could you secure food? With this do-it-yourself guide, you can learn how to use the simplest items to help you improvise techniques in hunting, fishing and gathering food for survival. Includes tips & techniques for manufacturing more complex tools and weapons using the basic inventory from 'Building a Survival Kit'


Shelter, Fire, Water Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to Three Key Elements for Survival

The Shelter, Fire and Water Laminated Guide provides three keys to survival and maintaining your "core temperature control" (CTC). This indispensible laminated waterproof guide shows how to create and use each of these elements most effectively and economically, while keeping the next stage or steps clearly in focus, a forgotten -- yet critical -- component of many scenarios.


Signaling for Rescue Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to Helping Searchers Find You

Signaling for rescue provides knowledge that is as important for your survival as shelter, fire and water. This laminated waterproof guide will teach you how to be visible through contrast and movement to your rescuers, as well as how to leave clues to be followed if you are on the move. Thinking like a Search-and-Rescue team member might save your life.


Basic & Primitive Navigation Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to Wilderness Skills & Techniques

Wilderness education is a critical part of personal safety -- and not getting lost, or knowing how to get found if you are lost , is an essential skill. Basic & Primitive Navigation teaches simple techniques to navigate out of dangerous situations. Instruction on basic compass use and traveling by simple bearings is included on this waterproof, flexible folding guide. Other practical safety skills include cover navigation around obstacles, pacing beads, aiming off, and dead reckoning. Be smart, be safe, be skilled


Basic Tracking Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to Familiar Animal Sign in the Eastern Woodlands

Basic Tracking is the essential guide to take on your next wilderness adventure. Knowledge of the surrounding terrain and basic animal behavior, allows trackers to save valuable time by predicting the animal's movements. Basic Tracking covers not only tracks of animals in the Eastern Woodlands, it also provides instructions how to track them through landscape usage. This folding guide will highlight the seven types of signs that point to which animals passed by, what they did, and where they went.


Building a Survival Kit Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to the Key Components for Wilderness Survival

Building a Survival Kit will help you to survive adverse outdoor conditions: heat, cold or extreme weather. Staying warm and dry is essential and you'll learn how to protect your Core Temperature (CTC) while saving (heat) calories through less energy output. Tips will include essential supplies to bring should an emergency occur. This guide is waterproof and nearly indestructible. It can fit in a back pocket so you can have vital information when you need it. A must-have for the serious wilderness explorer. Be smart, be safe, be skilled.


Improvised Trapping Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to Basic Methods for Securing Food

This laminated pocket guide covers trapping basics including proper baiting, target areas, setting sign posts, and simple trap triggers as well as improvised trapping strategies for maximizing return.


Wilderness First Aid Laminated Guide

A Waterproof Pocket Guide to Common Sense Self Care

No one wants to think about needing first aid while out in the wilderness. Hoping it does not happen will not help you when it does. Wilderness First Aid covers simple techniques to treat common injuries and sickness in a wilderness situation. This waterproof flexible folding guide includes tips and techniques to help you be more comfortable while awaiting rescue or keep you mobile to effect self-rescue if required. Be smart, be safe, be skilled.




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