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Family Preparedness Handbook

Family Preparedness Handbook

There is no comparison when it comes to an emergency preparedness handbook. In this all time best seller, Dr. Prepper's covers everything on these 528 pages, including 28 chapters of everything you need to know regarding food storage, water, creating a library, essential oils, basic use of food products, acquiring gold and silver, energy and fuel storage, creating your in-home convenience store, and much more. Over 765,000 copies of our to been sold.
8 1/2" x 11"


● Emotional and Mental Preparation
● Attitude - It's Time to Prepare
● Preparing Your Survival Kit
● Organizing a Food Storage Program
● Water - the Absolute Basic
● Dairy Products, Yogurt, Cottage Cheese, etc.
● Sprouting
● Cooking with Honey
● Grains & Wheat
● Dehydrating Foods
● Basics of Supplementation
● Medical Survival
● Preparing and Preserving Meat
● Energy and Fuel Storage
● Acquiring Gold & Silver
And much more

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