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Edible Mushrooms

Edible Mushrooms
Safe to Pick, Good to Eat.
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  A photographic guide to picking safe and delicious wild mushrooms. The mushroom season has begun and it's time to head out into the meadows and woods. The porcini, ceps and chanterelles are classics but there are so many more wild mushrooms ready for the picking. But which are safe to pick and how can mushroom hunters tell if a specimen is edible, inedible or toxic? This book presents 40 different mushrooms; all are safe to pick and delicious to eat. Author Barbro Forsberg's knowledge has been gained over the course of four decades spent mushrooming in the woods and all content has been verified by professional mycologists. Intertwining personal narrative with highlights of mushrooming history, Edible Mushrooms is much more that just a how-to-guide. Beautiful nature and educational photographs illustrate how each mushroom grows, the environments where one can expect to find them and the ways in which the same species may vary from one specimen to the next. For experienced mushroom hunters and novices to the art, Edible Mushrooms is the ideal handbook for confidently recognizing, picking and eating the tastiest wild mushrooms. Softcover. 218 pages with color photos.

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