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Getting Out Alive Scenario Book

Getting Out Alive
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13 Deadly Scenarios and How Others Survived

Captivating stories of people stranded and fighting for their lives against harsh, unmerciful conditions

Could you survive?....

● Stranded in the wild
● Pinned under a boulder
● Marooned on an island
● Trapped in a burning high rise
● Mauled by a bear
● Snowbound in your car
● Surrounded by a forest fir

A unique combination of fictional scenarios, true accounts, and instructive sidebars, Getting Out Alive reveals the three vital ways to cheat death when all seems lost: avoid panic, know your survival skills, and maintain a relentless determination to make it out alive. Teaching by example, the characters in these adventures use real-life survival tactics—including navigating, building shelters, finding water, and signaling for help.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
288 pages

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