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The Pocket Hunting and Fishing Guide

The Pocket Hunting and Fishing - Guide

Hunters, fishers, campers, sportsmen . . . no matter your outdoor passion, Sportsmen’s Secrets, the handy guide to water and woodland wisdom, belongs in your kit.

Tips, tactics and must-have gear. This conveniently sized guide to woods and water wisdom will teach you all the important outdoor tips, from catching crayfish to hunting moose, from making dropper rigs for trout to identifying different types of ducks and more. Features how to swing your rifle on moving deer, tricks on keeping your feet warm on the coldest days, teaching your dog not to be gun-shy, natural bait riddles solved, accurately forecasting the weather, learning to tie the most useful knots, identifying animal tracks, secrets of canoe safety plus so much more to make your outing a huge success. Packed to the brim with informative drawings and step-by-step illustrations.
Softcover. 126 pages plus bonus blank pages for notes.




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