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Sea Survival Handbook

sea survival handbook
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While still one of the safest sporting activities, boating has inherent risks and dangers that require preparedness and quick action should an emergency arise. With a knowledge of watercraft must come the knowledge of how to survive if something goes wrong, and no boater should raise anchor without the skills needed to handle such emergencies. With detailed illustrations on nearly every page, the Sea Survival Handbook is a comprehensive how-to guide for dealing with nearly any maritime crisis.

Inside you find:

  • Lifeboat varieties- and how to stow them
  • How to prepare for and handle heavy or extreme weather
  • Instructions on firefighting, distress signals, and fishing techniques
  • How to right a capsized vessel
  • Long-term survival methods for extreme temperatures
  • Recommendations for indispensable equipment, clothing, and supplies and much, much more.

  •  The Royal Yachting Association is the United Kingdom's governing body for sailing, windsurfing, motor boating, and personal watercraft. It advocates for boaters and campaigns for their interests at the local, national, and international levels. The information-packed handbook is as authoritative as it is useful.
    Keith Colwell has sailed all his life, in all sorts of craft, from small dinghies to high-speed motor cruisers. He has over twenty years of experience as a boating journalist, and is now employed by the Royal National Lifeboat Institution where he manages and trains a large team of safety advisers.
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