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Special Forces Survival Guide

Special Forces Survival Guide
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Wilderness Survival Skills from the World's Most Elite Military Units

There is nothing as challenging as parachuting into the remote wilderness of a hostile country and being left to fend for oneself by a government that would deny ones very existence. Staying alive under these harsh conditions requires the best training in the world, and that is exactly what Special Forces Survival Guide provides.

With its detailed instructions, helpful photographs and step-by-step illustrations, Special Forces Survival Guide arms readers with the same battle-tested techniques used by the military’s bravest, most elite soldiers. Readers learn everything from constructing shelters, finding water, and starting fires to making arrows, tracking animals, and navigating by the stars. Thanks to the tips, tricks and skills in Special Forces Survival Guide, readers can develop the confidence to venture farther on their outdoor adventures and trek into unknown terrain.

Presents the field tested skills of the most elite commandos including:
Navy Seals
Army Rangers
Delta Force
Green Berets
Royal Marines
French Foreign Legion
Australian SAS
Canadian Special Forces
575 illustrations

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