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OFF-Grid GoPower Mobile Backup Battery Pack Recharger

Kanex GoPower Mobile Backup Battery Pack
Have Power When You Need It Most!
Mobile 2,600mAh GoPower Backup Battery Pack Recharger

Off Grid Mobile Backup Battery Recharger

The 2,600mAh GoPower Pack Mobile Battery Pack from Kanex provides a single USB port enabling the charging of a single device while away from an outlet, providing life support to enabling communication devices in an emergency situation. Its 2,600mAh lithium-ion battery can deliver one full charge to an iPhone for example, before it itself needs to be recharged and delivers up to 2 full charges to your Smartphone.

The 2,600mAh Mobile GoPower Battery Pack Charger comes with a compact Li-Ion battery, a LED status indicator, USB type-A and micro USB connectors, power pack, micro USB cable, carrying pouch and manual.
Kanex GoPower Mobile Backup single Battery Pack charger





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