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Photon X-Light Micro

PhotonX-Light Micro

Photon X Light in actionThe Photon X Light Micro Light, like the Photon Freedom Micro Light, has innovative full range adjustable brightness. Unlike other micro lights, the X-Light Micro Light has adjustable intensity with the simple press of a button. All it takes is a simple squeeze of the button to give you instant full power illumination at any time. To dim the Photon Micro Light, simply press and hold the button.
The Photon X Light Micro Light is truly an easy-to-use, powerful, full-featured micro light, is nearly indestructible and is backed up by one of the best warranties in the industry. The Photon X-Light Micro Light is simply one of the best micro-lights available, at any price.


* Click a single button to turn the bright LED on and off
* Provides a full range of brightness; simply hold the button down from the "on" position to dim; hold from "off" position to brighten.
* Operate as a safety beacon with slow, medium, fast and S.O.S. blinking modes; operate as a squeeze light for signal/Morse Code mode.
* LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) cast even, white light that's good for close-in lighting; nearly indestructible LEDs drastically improve battery life
* Visible as a signal light for more than one mile
* Features a glow-in-the-dark button; quick-release ring reliably attaches to keys or gear




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