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Survival Fire Starters - Fire Tinder - Stormproof Matches

emergency firestarters and storm matches

Fewer items could be of more importance than fire in a survival situation. Among other things it provides warmth, light, water purification, a means to cook food, a way to signal, a method of disinfecting wounds - it repel insects, pedators and will even provide a morale boost. Let us agree, that in a nutshell..... FIRE IS A SURVIVOR'S BEST FRIEND!

Survival Fire Tinder

Insta Fire

Insta Fire
Fire Tender

Tinder Quik

Tinder Quik
Fire Tabs

Light Me Tinder

Light Me Tinder
Fire Tabs

UST Wet Fire

UST Wet Fire
Fire Tender

Exotac Tinder

Exotac Tinder

Maya Dust

LMF Maya Tinder Dust

Maya Sticks 

LMF Maya Tinder Sticks

LMF Tinder On A Rope

LMF Tinder On A Rope

Survival Fire Starters

Doan Firestarter

Doan Magnesium Fire Starter

Sparklite Firestarter 

Sparklite Firestarter Kit

Waterproof Kit

Waterproof Fire Starting Kit

Pocket Bellows 

Pocket Bellows Firestarting Tool

Vargo Ultimate Fire Starter

Vargo Ultimate Fire Starter & Bellows

Firestarter Necklace

vargo titanium lighter

Vargo Titanium Flint Lighter


Tops Necklace Firestarter Kit 

Tops Necklace Firestarter Kit 

SOL Firestarter Kit 

SOL Firestarter Kit 

BCB Fireball Flint Striker 

BCB Fireball Flint and Striker

BCB Fireball Striker with Compass 

BCB Fireball Striker with Compass

Bear Grylls Fire Starter  

Bear Grylls Fire Starter 

Exotac Fire Starters


Exotac Polystriker

Polystriker XL

Exotac Polystriker XL


Exotac Nanostriker

Nanostriker XL

Exotac Nanostriker XL


Exotac Matchcap


Exotac CandleTINs

matchcap xl

Exotac Matchcap XL 

animated caveman making fire

UST  Survival Fire Starters


Strike Force

UST Strike Force Fire Starter


UST Blastmatch Fire Starter


UST Sparkie Fire Starter

UST Micro Sparkforce Fire Starter

UST Firestarter Kit 

UST Waterproof
Firestarter Kit

Stoke Kit

UST Stoke Kit Firestarting Kit

Micro Spark Wheel

UST Micro Spark Wheel Mini Firestarter

animated caveman making fire

Light My Fire Swedish Fire Starters

Scout 2.0 

LMF Swedish Firesteel Scout 2.0 Firestarter

Army Firesteel 2.0 

LMF Swedish Army Firesteel 2.0 Firestarter

Army Firesteel 2.0 

LMF Swedish Army Firesteel 2.0 Firestarter

Mini Fire Steel 

LMF Swedish Mini Fire Steel

Aurora Fire Starters

Fire Starter 2SA Black

Aurora Fire Starter 2SA Black

Fire Starter 2SA Silver

Aurora Fire Starter 2SA Silver

Fire Starter 2SA Red  

Aurora Fire Starter 2SA Red 

Fire Starters 440C

Aurora Fire Starters 440C


Tinder Fire Box

Aurora Tinder Fire Box Solar Fire Starter 








Ndur Emergency Fire Starters 

Scout Firesteel

Scout Fire Flint and Striker

Army Firesteel 

Ndur Army Firesteel

Turboflame Military

Turboflame Military Lighter

Turboflame Ranger 

Turboflame Ranger Lighter

Stormproof Waterproof Matches 

UCO Matchkit

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

UCO MatchKit 

UCO Stormproof Match Kit

 Waterproof Container

Waterproof Match Container

OD Waterproof Match Case

Waterproof OD Green Match Holder

UCO Stormproof Matches

UCO Survival Stormproof Matches

Strike Anywhere Matches 

Strike Anywhere Matches

NATO Stormproof Matches

NATO Survival Stormproof Matches

titan stormproof matches
Titan Stormproof Match Kit







We here @ The try to provide you with the best, most up to date and most popular survival fire starters available. Of course a fire starter is nothing without a good survival tinder to accept the spark or flame - without the fire tinder, you are pretty much wasting your time.... so we have listed a good selection of emergency fire tender also. Finally, you need to have a dry and waterproof container to keep both the survival fire starter and emergency fire tender together, so they will be easily accessed and ready to use in a moments notice


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