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Spark-Lite Fire Starter

spark-lite fire starters
Aviation Safety Orange - Subdued Military OD Green

The Spark-Lite Fire Starter and Tinder Quik Tabs are a "sure fire" way of starting a fire. First designed for use in the Aviation Survival Kit, it has now become the official fire starter of the U.S. Military. The Spark-Lite is a simple but ingenious piece of fire starting gear that should be in every backpack and emergency kit you own. The Spark-Lite Fire Starter is lightweight, dependable and simple to use, and it is small and light enough to be carried just about anywhere.

AMK Spark-Lite Tinder in hand

Spark-Lite Fire Starter comes in a plastic container with 8 TinderQuik Tabs, and instructions. Choice of either a high visibility orange or a more subdued Olive Drab military style color for use in sere style survival kits.
Spark-Lite Fire Starter Kit





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