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M17 Combat First Aid/Medic Bag

M17 Combat First Aid/Medic Bag

Used by combat trained medics in the military

The M17 Combat First Aid Medic Bag is used by combat trained medics in the military.
It comes in an OD green nylon bag (measuring approximately 13" x 13" x 10") with hand carry straps. The tri-fold bag closes securely using four adjustable cinch straps. The The M17 Combat First Aid Medic Bag rolls open to reveal its six individual interior zippered pockets which are displayed within its three-fold design, making it extremely convenient and accessible to its contents. Excellent kit for home, work or vehicle.

M17 Combat First Aid/Medic Bag contents

Over 320 First Aid Items

1 Skin and Eye Wash (4 oz. Bottle)
1 Hand Sanitizer
1 Hand Soap (small)
1 Calamine Lotion
1 Burn Spray
1 SAM / Universal Splint 4"x36"
5 Multitrauma Dressing 12"x30"
5 BleedStop Bandages
2 Elastic ACE Bandages, 6''
8 Elastic Bandages, 2'' (Ace, Gauze)
4 Sterile Pads, 4''x4''
10 Sterile Pads, 2''x2''
10 Abdominal Pads, 5''x9''
2 Eye Pads
2 Triangular Bandages
100 Assorted Bandage Strips,
5 Butterfly Strips
10 Bandage Strips, 2''x3''
10 Knuckle Bandages3Instant Ice Packs
1 Stethoscope (Double Head)
1 Lip Treatment
1 EMT Shears, 7.25''
2 Stainless Steel Hemostats
1 CPR Face Shield Mask
2 Tongue Depressors
2 Sterile Lubricant Pkgs.

1 Skin Needle Probe
1 Scalpel Handle
2 Scalpel Blades
1 Pen Light
2 Suture Sets
1 EFA - Emergency 1st Aid, CPR & AED Guide
6 Safety Pins
2 Pill Bottles
14 Pain Relievers
1 1"x18" Non-latex Tourniquet
1 Irrigation Syringe
4 First Aid Cream Packages
4 Triple Antibiotic Packages
2 Burn Gel Packages
3 Tape, Rolls, Adhesive, 1''
15 Alcohol Wipes
15 Iodine Wipes
15 Antiseptic BZK Wipes
15 Clean Wipes
6 After Bite Wipes
1 Pair of Tweezers
1 White Petrolatum lrg. 4 oz. tube
2 Ammonia Inhalants
6 Oral Airways
10 Cotton Tip Applicators
6 Pairs Latex Examination Gloves

US Made
Weight approx.15 lbs
Color: OD Green
NSN: 6545-01-596-0733

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M17 Combat First Aid/Medic Bag opened
Tri-Fold Bag

The M17 Combat First Aid Medic Bag
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