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Medical Oxygen Trauma Backpack Kit

Medical Trauma O2 Backpack Kit medical oxygen trauma kit supplies

Medical Trauma O2 Backpack Kit

Emergency oxygen can be given for many breathing and cardiac emergencies. It can help improve hypoxia (insufficient oxygen reaching the cells) and reduce pain and breathing discomfort. In these emergency situations, increasing the oxygen concentration not only helps to prevent shock, but helps to prevent brain damage, stabilizes the heart and other vital organs, and can most likely save a life.

This Medical Trauma O2 Oxygen Backpack Kit is designed for easy transport of a oxygen cylinder and accessories where emergency oxygen delivery is required. Designed for long lasting use, this backpack has many pro features. The Medical Trauma 02 Backpack is constructed of 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and includes Color Coded clear-view detachable inside pockets, a padded O2 cylinder carrier, double zippered separate side pockets, and a heavy duty padded shoulder harness. SIZE: 13"W x 20"H x 4"D

Includes Cylinder Toggle
Kit comes in blue or orange


Oxygen Provisions:
1- D Size Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder with Toggle
• Cylinder Utility Wrench
• 1-Regulator 0-25 LPM 50 psi with Diss fitting and Barb Adapter or Barb Fitting.
* 1-Non-Rebreather Masks (Adult)
* 1-Non-Rebreather Mask (Pediatric)
• 1-Surgical Mask
* 1-Nasal Cannula - Adult
* 1-Nasal Cannula - Pediatric

Emergency Delivery:
• 1-Disposable Obstetrical Kit
• 1-Foil Baby Bunting
* 1- Perineal Cold Pack

Inner Tools Kit:
• 1-Kelly Curved 5½" Forceps
• 1-Kelly 5½" Straight Forceps
• 1-5½" Bandage Lister Scissors
• 1-Mini Scalpel, Disposable
• 1-Diagnostic Penlight
• 1-Ring Cutter

• 1-Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
• 1-Dual Head Stethoscope

• 1-Ambu Adjustable Cervical Extrication Collar
2-Triangular Bandages With Pins
• 1-Cold Compress
* 1- 4" x 36" Universal Splint

Eye Care:
• 2-Oval Eye Pads
* 1-Eye Wash Solution 4 oz. Bottle

Recovery from Fainting:
• 10 - Ammonia Inhalants

Emergency Airway:
• 1-Bite/Seizure Stat Stick
• 1-CPRotector With One Way Valve
• 1-Emergency Airway Kit (6 in all)
* 1-Nasopharyngeal Airway F-28

* 1- Quik Release Reusable Tourniquet
* 1- Bleedstop Bandage
* 1- WoundStop Pro 4" Trauma Dressing
* 4 -Pr. Non Latex Gloves

First Aid for Burns:
• 1-(2" x 2") Burn Gel
• 1-(4" x 4") Burn Stop Dressing
• 1-Disposable Burn Sheet

Prep Pads and Bandages:
• 2-Sting Pads
• 6-Alcohol Prep Pads
• 6-Povidine Prep Pads
• 5 - 2" x 4" Bandages
• 5 - Fingertip Bandages
• 5 - Knuckle Bandages
• 1-Box 100 Assorted Bandages
• 1-(1") Surgical Tape

Dressings and Gauze Pads:
• 1-12 x 30 Multi-Trauma Dressing
• 4-(4" x 4") Sterile Gauze Pads
• 3-(8" x 10") Surgipad Dressings
• 2-2" Sterile Gauze Roll
• 2-4" Sterile Gauze Roll
* 1-Krinkle Gauze Roll

Misc. Tools:
• 1-Window Break/Seat Belt Cutter
* 1-Mylar Rescue Blanket

* We've also added the Israeli WoundStop Pro 4" Dressing, Nasopharyngeal Airway and the 4"  x 36 " Universal Splint, as we feel they are necessary to the integrity of the kit....AND we have also included 2 Nasal Cannulas, 2 Re-breather Masks, a Window Break /Seat Belt Cutter, Quick Release Re-usable Tourniquet, Perineal Cold Pack, Eye Wash Solution, Bleedstop Bandage, Krinkle Gauze Roll, Triangular Bandages, Mylar Blanket and non latex gloves @ NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Please note: Oxygen cylinders are shipped empty - bags may not come with center Star of Life emblem. BEWARE, some companies selling this kit are offering items like the Dallas Suction Unit and several other items which are NOT included! WE SHIP WHAT WE LIST!


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