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Millennium Energy Food Bars

millenium bars

These 400 Calorie Emergency Millennium Bars have a 5 Year Shelf Life, Low Sodium and Sugar content, and are resistant to extreme temperature variances, making them ideal for supplementing in an emergency Car BOB or Emergency Kit. Assorted Flavors.

Great for:

Hiking - fits nicely in waist packs or backpacks
Travel - keep some in car for long trips or emergencies,
Camping - great for snacks
Sports Energy Booster - kid's sports energy bar,
Emergency & Disaster aid packs
School and Office emergency kits.

• Formulated and packaged for endurance of temperature extremes -
• Will not deteriorate in hot or cold climatic conditions.
• Extended shelf life of up to 5 years!
• Lower sodium and sugar - much healthier than candy bars
• 400 calories ea. - 6 bars will feed a person for 2 days
• A favorite among children - makes a great survival kit for kids
• USCG approved

Out of Stock for the summer
$1.50 ea.






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