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Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply

Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply

Guaranteed to taste fresh for 30 years!

Ensure you're prepared for whatever comes your way with our Just in Case...2-Day Emergency Food Supply starter kit.

This easy-to-store 2-day kit includes 15 total servings of our most popular breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees to get you through anything.
Designed to fuel one person for 2 days or to share with another for 1 day
. you can use it alone or combine it with other Mountain House Emergency Food Supply kits to meet your specific needs.

The Mountain House Just in Case...® 2-Day Emergency Food Supply includes 6 pouches of our favorite just-add-water meals:

Kit measurements: 12"(L) X 8"(W) x 6"(H)

Whether you store it in the trunk of your car or in your kitchen for emergency food storage, Mountain House's Just in Case...® 2-Day Emergency Food Supply is guaranteed to satisfy when you need it most. Thanks to our Taste Guarantee, you can expect our meals to taste fresh for 30 years after they're made. With the longest shelf life in the industry, it's no wonder that so many emergency food storage preppers and brave explorers choose Mountain House.

All Mountain House Emergency Meal Kits are:

•Guaranteed 30 Year Taste Fresh
•Stackable, lightweight and compact
•Boxed with different meals in each kit
•Easily calculated short or long-term food supply needs
•Packed with popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner options!
•100% freeze dried for fresh flavor and nutrition
•Made with NO COOKING REQUIRED — Just add water

Mountain House 2 Day Emergency Food Supply

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