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Mylar Bags for 30 / 55 Gal. Storage Drums

Mylar Bags for 30 / 55 gal. Storage Drums

Large 30 and 55 Gallon Storage Drum Mylar Bags

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For use with our 30 and 55 gallon open head food storage drums
With growing food shortages throughout the world and constant rising prices, more people are starting to realize that long term food storage is not such a bad idea. The open head 30 and 55 gallon drums are perfect for storing large amounts of grain, cereals, beans, rice, flour and much more. With the added protection of mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, you can now get 10, 20 years or more of protected storage.

The large mylar bags provide a great moisture and oxygen barrier to ensure that the product's integrity is maintained for a long period of time. A polyester film, ('mylar') is laminated to aluminum foil to provide additional barrier properties and higher puncture resistance than other metalized polyester materials.

Oxygen absorbers can be placed in the top of the filled bag before sealing to rid of any excess oxygen that would tend to shorten the life of the food being stored.
2-3 (500cc.) bags per 5 gallon container is generally more than enough to control the oxygen level. An average 30 gallon container would then need about 12-18 bags, depending on the density of the food being stored.
Designed for a 55 gallon drum with .75" wide seals for extra strength - 4.3 mil
30 and 55 Gallon Mylar Bag
30"x 51"





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