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Survival Fishing, Hunting and Food Gathering Supplies

food procurement tools

Food procurement can be the act of gathering, scavaging, and storing food supplies for long term survival, or just the ability to hunt, fish and snare small game for an immediate meal to supply the body with needed protein. Learn the basics of survival food scavaging that may someday save your life.

Survival Fishing Kits and Tools 

Compact Fishing Kit

Compact Survival  Fishing Kit

Basic Fishing Kit

Basic Survival Fishing Kit


Standard Fishing Kit

Standard Survival Fishing Kit

BCB Fishing Kit

BCB Survival Fishing Kit

 Pocket Lifeboat Survival Kit 

Pocket Lifeboat Survival Fishing Kit 

YoYo Mechanical Fisher

YoYo Mechanical Fisher

 Survival Gill Net

Survival Fishing Gill Net

 survival fishing card

Fisherman's Survival Card 

Regular Speedhooks

Survival Speedhooks

Military Speedhook 

Military Survival Speedhook



Survival Hunting, Food Gathering Traps and Tools 


marksman pocket hunter

Marksman Pocket Hunter

Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit

Deluxe Pocket Hunter Kit / Arrows

Trumark Slingshot

Trumark Slingshot

2 in 1 Combo Slingshot/Blow Dart

2 in 1 Combo Slingshot/Blow Dart

Thompson Snare Kit 

Thompson Survival Snare Kit

Colt Tactical Spears Combo 9 poiece set

Colt Tactical Spears Combo

Colt Arrowhead Spears 

Mykel Hawke Spears

Outdoor Edge Harpoon

 Outdoor Edge Harpoon


wilderness survival card

Wilderness Survival Card

Snare Wire

Brass Snare Wire 100 feet

Snare-vival Trap

Snare-vival Pocket Snare Trap


Pocket Hunter Broadheads

fishing arrow kit
Fishing Arrow Kit 

take down arrows

Take Down Arrows 


Food Gathering Survival Guides

Tracking and Reading Sign 

Tracking and Reading Sign Guide

Complete Book of Fishing Knots

Complete Book of Fishing Knots

Basic Fishing Guide 

Basic Fishing Guide

Camp Life in the Woods 

Camp Life in the Woods Manual

Trapper's Bible

The Trapper's Bible Guide

Animal Tracks

Field Guide to Animal Tracks

Pocket Hunting and Fishing 

The Pocket Hunting and Fishing Guide

The Trackers Handbook 

The Trackers Handbook

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