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Blow Dart Slingshot Combo

Blow Dart Slingshot Combo
Double Your Chances at Food Scavaging Using This Blowdart Slingshot Combo

2-in-1 Combat Ready Blow Dart Slingshot Combo. Aluminum slingshot arms and blowgun barrel. Zytel handle/blowgun mouthpiece. Tri-Twist wingnuts lock arms into place in slingshot mode. Rubber slingshot band and leather shot pouch. Angled sleeves house aluminum arms when using as a slingshot. Nylon leg/arm straps double as a wrist brace in slingshot mode. Crosshair sights aid in aiming when using as a blowgun. Dart quiver. Includes small packet of blow darts; slingshot ammo sold separately. Easy assembly - no tools needed. Disassembles down to just 9 1/2" overall. Super lightweight.
Camo and black finish.
Blow Dart Slingshot Combo



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