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Survival Fishing Kit - Basic

Basic Survival Fishing Kit

The Basic Survival Fishing Kit is a great addition to any survival kit or for anyone venturing out into the wilderness. This quality kit includes some the most used items, in sufficient quantities for emergency food gathering.
This kit could well save your life!

The Basic Survival Fishing Kit contains the same quality items as the Compact Survival Fishing Kit, but comes housed in a sturdy metal seamless tin with a rubber inner seal and desiccant packet to help protect the contents from moisture. This replaces the 6 mil heavy duty bag that houses the Compact Survival Fishing Kit.

Kit Includes:

(1) Metal tin with seal in lid
(1) Swirl Tail Grub - Jig
(1) Tiny Shad -Jig
(1) Jig Head-  1/16 Unpainted Round
(1) Fly Size 10 1/8
(2) Hooks #4
(2) Hooks #6
(2) Hooks #8

(1) Wire Wound Leader
(3) Split Shot BB
(3) Split Shot 3/0
(1) Bobber Tooth Pick Float
(1) Single Edge Razor Blade
Aluminum Foil
Line (50 ft) 12LB
Basic Fishing Instructions

Basic Survival Fishing Kit in Tin




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