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Marksman Pocket Hunter

Marksman Pocket Hunter

Arrow Propelling Slingshot

The Pathfinder Pocket Hunter is a compact, lightweight and efficient hunting tool that folds up and fits easily in your back pack or bug-out bag. With the enhanced bands, the Marksman 3076W Pocket Hunter has a pull weight of 42 lbs and propels arrows at 115 fps. The adapter and paracord unit allow for easy nocking of the arrow, while the adapter itself assists you with sitting. This means even more accuracy when you launch the arrow.
The Pathfinder Pocket Hunter is a product of the Pathfinder Survival Training School, a retailer of unique items for bugout bags. This was designed by them and licensed to Marksman. The Pocket Hunter comes with one 31" 3-piece carbon arrow with feathering and field point tip.
 Weight: 1.3lbs
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