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Snare-Vival Trap



Created and manufactured by Solo Scientific in the USA the Snare-Vival-Trap™ Pocket Snare is a pocket sized survival snare system that is used to capture wild game or fish. When in the stowed configuration, it is only 1.56" in diameter and .135" thick! It can easily be carried in one's pocket and quickly deployed in the field! Just press the center of the trap and your ready for action!

The Snare-Vival-Trap™ pocket snare has a manually windable wire snare, with escape proof sliding-locking noose that is engaged automatically during operation tightening around the animal's neck or limbs, killing or disabling the animal instantly. The Pocket Snare Trap also has a mounting loop and mounting ring that are used to position and mount the trap over a known animal path in the field.
Comes with complete instructions.
Wire is 26" in length.

pocket snare instructions

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