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ALOKSAK Waterproof Bags

aloksak bags

Waterproof / Airtight Seal

ALOKSAK® bags are resealable element-proof storage bags featuring a hermetic seal. That means absolutely no water, air dust or humidity permeate the closure.
Because these bags are flexible and puncture resistant, they make excellent containers for survival kits. They have been certified and tested to be submersible beyond 200 feet by the US Navy Experimental Diving Unit, but will still float on water. Cold rated to -40 degrees  Reusable and recyclable.

Multipacks include:
4 pack of small bags
(5 x 4, 4 x 7, 6 x 6, 9 x 6)
4 pack of large bags
(4 x 7, 6 x 6, 9 x 6, 12 x 12)
Below dimensions are inner measurements:




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