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Condor T&T Pouch

Condor T&T Pouch

The Condor T & T Pouch is a low profile, versatile, utility pouch for all your tools and field gear. The T & T Pouch has 2 interior  pockets, 1 zippered, and many elastic bands for securing flashlights, pocket knives, pens, compasses, maps, lightsticks, and similar items. There is also a removable folding vinyl sleeve

There are three ways to use the pouch: 1. Using the zipper stopper creates a low profile utility pouch. 2. Use the paracords to create a 90 degree angle and make a work station. 3. Use it as a stand-alone tool pouch or fold it flat for accessibility.


- Tri-fold design.
- Multiple pockets and elastic loops for storage.
- Double zipper closure.
- Addition 2" webbing, with pull-tab for quick/temperory closing.
- Two inch patch area across front of pouch.
- Wide handle for carrying or rapid removal.
- Two D-rings on the back for shoulder strap.
- Import

Condor T & T pouch
Measures: 8" H x 6" W x 3.5" D





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