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Emergency Strobe Light

emergency strobe light

The Waterproof Survival Strobe Light is designed to work at night when just a signal mirror or whistle will not readily provide your location in a timely manner. The Emergency Strobe Light will keep on signaling, long after you have exhausted all manual means. This strobe light is great for anyone venturing into the darkness of night, and is especially yielding for nighttime rescue work. It is also recommended for hikers, aviators, boaters, and ATV'ers who are apt to get lost at night.

The Emergency Strobe Light has a powerful, high intensity, bright, white beacon light that is visible for up to 3 miles. It will flash at a rate of 50 -60 times a minute, for up to 16 hours, and then will continue to flash at a diminished rate for up to 40 hours, depending on battery life and temperature. The emergency strobe light will attach to backpacks, belt or clothing, and runs on a D cell battery. Stores in a small out of the way area of your backpack.
Emergency Strobe Signal Light



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