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Military Issue Glass Signal Mirror

Military Issue Glass Signal MirrorMilitary Issue Glass Signal Mirror
S.I Howard NSN 6350-00-261-9772

Military approved and military issued glass signaling mirror. The high quality glass allows this mirror to be more reflective than its plastic counterparts, with signaling range up to 100 miles, and while non glass mirrors can be scratched, these are much more resilent to scratches. They are however, slightly heavier and more susceptible to breakage. Instructions are printed on the back of the signal mirror. They can also be used as a regular mirror for shaving, etc.

us military glass mirror


Made in the USA
S.I Howard
2 x 3 Reflective Military Glass Signal Mirror
2 oz.

Made in the USA
S.I. Howard
3 x 5 Reflective Military Glass Signal Mirror
5.5 oz.



100% Veteran Owned

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