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UST Star Flash Signal Mirror

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The Starflash® signal mirror is unbreakable, scratch resistant, and floats!

Survival experts worldwide agree that no person should ever venture into the woods, travel off-road, get on board their boat or plane, or engage in any other outdoor activity without a signal mirror and a whistle.

The StarFlash® is an essential component to your survival kit. The advanced StarFlash® system allows you to aim the signal flash with pinpoint accuracy. This targeting system removes the guesswork and chance associated with other inferior signal devices to ensure that you will be seen and be found.
The StarFlash® Signal Mirror is the most valuable daytime means of visual signaling. Even on overcast days, you can effectively use this signal mirror to obtain rescue and save your life.

- Mirror Material: 100% Lexan polycarbonate
- Mirrored Surface: Vacuum deposition metalization
- Targeting Star: Retroreflective encapsulated bead fabric.
- Sizes: 2" x 3" (5.1 x 7.6 cm), .7 ounce
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