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Esbit Alcohol Cookset

esbit alcohol cookset

Esbit Cookset with Alcohol Burner

The newest Esbit Alcohol Stove Cookset is both lightweight and compact and allows cooking with either denatured alcohol or solid fuel tablets. The alcohol burner is made of solid brass, with a screw top and rubber gasket, while the rest of the cook set is hard anodized aluminum. The set features a 985 ml pot with graduations, a 470 ml pot/pan which also serves as a lid and the stove/pot-stand with a base for Esbit solid fuel tablets.

Both pots have stainless steel folding handles for easy storage. The alcohol burner has a variable temperature control with a fold-away handle that helps to regulate or extinguish the flame. Additionally the stove is designed to store fuel during transport. All of the components of the Esbit Alcohol Cookset can be conveniently stowed and transported in the large pot. Includes a mesh storage bag.




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