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Esbit Stove and Cookset

esbit stove cooksetesbit stove cookset enclosed

Space Saving Efficiency for the Avid Backpacker

Relatively new to the line of Esbit is the Esbit Stove and Cookset. The Esbit Stove and Cookset is constructed from hard, anodized aluminum and includes a 19.8 fl. oz pot with pouring spout, lid and windshield stove unit. Pot has graduation level lines in both oz. and milliliters. It has foldable, silicon, no heat handles, that fold against the pot when storing. The Esbit Stove unit fits inside the pot for a space saving and convenient storage unit.

The Esbit Stove and Cookset uses the standard 14 Gram Esbit Fuel Cubes which will burn approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Comes with a mesh storage bag. Makes a great lightweight emergency stove.

Weight (without fuel): 7.5 oz
Dimensions: 4.1" x 3.75"
Average Boil Time: 14 minutes
Fuel Capacity: (1) 14 Gram Fuel Tablet
Mesh Storage Bag: Included
Fuel Tablets: Sold Separately





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