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Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask

Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask fdront viewIsraeli M15 Military Gas Mask side view

Popular Updated Alternative Model to the Israeli Civilian Gas Mask

 Although recommended for civilian use, the Israeli M15 Military Gas Mask has been issued to Israeli military personnel, so you you know it is a quality tested model. It has a wider triangular non-fogging lens for better vision, a voicemeter for improved verbal communication capability, an upgraded exhalation valve for easier breathing, and a drinking tube assembly (not compatible with U.S. canteens) for capacity to hydrate in a contaminated area. The M15 Military Gas Mask comes in near new condition with a brand new, never issued filter. While these do come with a new NATO filter, we highly recommend purchasing a newer up to date filter canister for backup, such as the Mestel Filter. The M15 Military Gas Mask fully accepts any 40mm NATO compatible filter canister and with proper NATO filter provides protection against toxic, nuclear, chemical and biological agents and are fully NBC rated and NIOSH approved.

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Israeli M15 Military Hydration System
with canteen and closed drinking tube assembly

For safety reasons gas masks and filters are non-returnable. The masks are considered new or near new refurbished.



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