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Xcaper Smoke & Gas Escape Mask

xcaper family pack

Looks Simple...Yes... But Designed to Save Your Life!

The Xcaper Civilian Smoke Mask was tested by the Navy Safety and Survivability Office and recommended for use in Navy Facilities and Department of Defense Office Environments.

These are a much overlooked piece of survival equipment that should be in every survival kit or home bedside!
The Xcaper Smoke Mask is most often used for evacuation from a fire in high-rise office buildings, hotels, homes, ships, airplanes, subway systems, stairways, elevators or just about anywhere people gather. THINK TWIN TOWERS! It could also be used in the event of large-scale wild land fires where the smoke travels into residential areas and causes severe breathing problems.

Advanced technology has brought about an innovative solution.
The Xcaper® Smoke and Gas Mask is the newest and most advanced filter of its kind in the world with a simple and convenient design. Using patented moist filter technology, the Xcaper Smoke and Gas Mask delivers unparalleled protection by absorbing hazardous toxins, such as Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide and 100% of particulate matter common to the smoke in fires. It is designed with an all-natural moisturizing agent that allows for easy breathing. The mask is effective for 30 minutes or longer depending on the conditions.

The same mask used and endorsed by professional firefighters.  
During a fire, smoke can overcome you in seconds...the Xcaper masks will extend that time allowing you to escape!  Harmful gases...Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide and Acrolein are the most harmful gases in smoke. The Xcaper Smoke Mask...can help you escape without ingesting these gases! And it's easy to breathe through!
More than 75% of fire related deaths are caused by smoke inhalation...
and most Americans do not have the proper protection. If a fire were to break out in your home, office or hotel room, you would probably already know the quickest escape route and the nearest exits. However, most of us are not prepared to outrun smoke inhalation. Comes sealed in a bag, so that your sure its always going to be ready when you are. Small enough to conceal in your pocket.


ISO 9001:2000 Certified

All of Xcaper's products are manufactured to be the highest quality possible. Our manufacturing facilities and procedures meet or exceed all the requirements for Business and Quality Management Systems' ISO certification.

Personal Xcaper Emergency Mask Kit

Kit includes:
Xcaper Smoke Mask with filter, Xcaper Goggle, Whistle, LED light and HipPak Carry Pack. Heavy Duty polyester black nylon HipPak with zipper holds mask, goggles, and accessories with room for more. It also has velcro straps for attaching to belts and top zippers.

Xcaper Emergency Mask Kit includes:

  • 1 - Xcaper Smoke Mask
  • 1 - Xcaper Goggle
  • 1 - Black Hip Pac 5.75" x 5" x 2.75
  • 1 - LED Light with over 14 hrs. of service
  • 1 - Whistle with lanyard


My Xcaper Personal Travel Kit

1 Xcaper Mask, 1 pr. Goggles, LED Light, Whistle w/ lanyard and Carry Bag
Bag size: 6" x 9" x 1" full

MyXcaper Family GO Kit

Xcaper Smoke Masks with Filter, pr. goggles,
Hip Pack. (Whistle/Light not included)
Hip Pack: 5.75" x 5" x 2.75


Single Xcaper Mask


Buy in bulk and save!

10 Pack of Xcaper Masks

Protection for a large family or office crew
That's only $35.00 @ mask
Masks only - 5 YEAR SHELF LIFE



100% Veteran Owned

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