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Derma-Safe SERE Folding Pocket Saw

Derma-Safe SERE Folding Pocket Saw

SERE Pocket Survival Saw

The Derma Safe Folding Utility Saw is a pocket size SERE Survival Saw that has innumerable uses.  It uses a Swiss made saw blade that is 2 3/4" long and tough enough to handle both wood and metal cutting, although each separately, has its own preference.. use the orange handle (18tpi) for soft metals and the black handle saw for cutting wood. Purchase the set at a slight discount to have both. This is a great tool to have in your survival kit.

Because it weighs less than 8 grams and has a closed length of less then 3 inches, the Derma Safe Folding Utility Saw is a perfect saw for small survival kits, emergency fishing kits or emergency medical kits. We have included this knife in many of our custom made survival kits.
See also the SERE Pocket Survival Razor Knife.

The Derma Safe Sere Survival Saw is constructed of the highest quality High Speed Steel available. It has a medium impact plastic handle. It’s a convenient, low cost, rugged utility saw that has made its way into many of the quality kits on the market today.

With a one hand operation, it will cut metals, wood, ice, bone and other tough materials. Use the HR300 for fine cutting and soft metals, the HR312 for cutting wood and soft metals or buy them both as a set.

HR300 (Orange Handle) - Uses the 18TPI version which makes cutting thru soft metals quicker and easier.

HR312 (Black Handle) - Uses the 12 TPI  saw blade for sawing thru wood easier. Will cut metals also, but with a little more difficulty.


Set of 2 SERE Survival Saws




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