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Survival Sewing and Repair Kit

Survival Sewing and Repair Kit

All Contained in a Completely Waterproof Aloksak Bag

This handy little kit, has not only the basics of a good sewing kit, but items that will prove handy in situations that might call for on the spot repair..... and it is all contained in a completely waterproof Aloksak bag. At 2.5 oz, this light pocket size kit will slide in pretty much anywhere with little notice, until needed.

Contains a heavy duty sewing kit with needle threader and a magnifier that can double as a fire starter. There is also a government approved Derma Safe Knife, cable ties, duct tape, waterproof patch,  brass wire, Kevlar thread and utility cord. These items together will provide for hundreds of potential uses and repairs.

(2) #7 Needle
(2) #18 Darner Needle
(1) #16 Darner Needle
(4) Heavy Duty Straight Pins
(6) Assorted Buttons
(6) Assorted Safety Pins
(1) Thread - #69 Heavy Duty
(1) Needle Threader
(1) Metal Thimble
(1) Fresnel Lens Magnifier

Bonded Kevlar Thread, 50 lbs test
Brass Repair Wire
Type 1A MILSPEC Utility Cord
Duct Tape (Made in the USA)
(1) 3” x 4” Durable Waterproof Patch
(2) Commercial Grade Cable Ties
(1) Military Approved Derma Safe Knife
(1) MILSPEC 5 x 4 Aloksak Bag
(1) 2 3/4” x 1/2“ Needle Holder





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