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Supreme Pocket Chain Saw

Pocket Chain Saw

Assembled in seconds  - Packed in a can for convenient storage

IDEAL FOR: Homeowners - Hunters - Campers - Backpackers - Fishermen - Hikers - Survivalists
The Supreme Pocket Chain Saw Cuts a 3" diameter limb in less than 10 seconds. It's made of high strength, heat-treated steel and coated for rust resistance. Saw encased in can weighs only 5 oz. The Supreme Pocket Chain Saw fits in shirt pocket, and extends to 28 inches long when uncoiled. There are 124 bi-directional teeth. You have to try believe it!
 For the Sportsman: Cuts firewood, Clears a trail or campsite, Cuts wood for tree stands, Cuts lumber for shelters, Keep in auto for emergencies, Clears shooting lane
For the Homeowner: Trims branches, Clears heavy brush, Removes tree roots, Cuts in corners, Cuts under fences, Cuts fallen limbs for trash removal

supreme pocket chain saw
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Used by the U.S. Military
Made in the USA




100% Veteran Owned

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