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Swiss Army Style Knife

Swiss Army Style Knife

Inexpensive but practical knife - Great backup Tool!

One of three of the most popular styles of Multi-Function folding knives. These knives feature stainless steel tools, and impact resistant plastic handles.

Numerous uses with all the tools available in one folding knife. Great for camp chores, fishing, opening cans, etc. The scissors can cut snare wire to perfect length.

Tools include large knife blade, can opener, scissors, saw, file, fish scaler /hook disgorger, awl, hole punch, corkscrew, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener/screwdriver, detachable toothpick and tweezers.

This item could be a backup in your bug out bag or survival kit. Your primary survival tool is the knife you have on you when you need it. These multi-function army knives can be very useful in specific tasks or situations.

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