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Genuine Shelby P38/P51 Can Openers

P38 - P51 Can Opener

The Shelby P-38 Military Can Opener is known by some as the “Army’s Greatest Invention”

The P38 Can Openers are new, not surplus. They are stamped from cold rolled steel right here in the United States.
A P-38 will work on any size can rim. When the power is out or your electric can opener bites the dust, a P-38 Can Opener will save the day. Originally manufactured for soldiers in the field to open their canned rations, the US P-38 is durable, high quality and has developed a history of its own through numerous wars and military operations.

The US P-38 and P-51 Can Openers are perfect for camping, hiking, fishing or for the survivalist in your family. Be sure to carry one on your key ring, dog tag chain, tackle box or in your emergency survival kit.
The P-51 is the "Big Brother" of the P-38 and was often used by mess hall cooks to open the big trays and large cans of chow. The P-51 is a full 2" long. The added length affords more leverage and doesn't require as much thumb pressure to use. Some prefer them over the P-38s because a P-51 will open cans much easier and faster and will last much longer than the P-38. We recommend having one in every car, on every key-ring and included in every emergency survival kit.

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