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Genuine Military Gel Fuel

military gel fuel
NSN 9110-01-518-9201

MilPack Gel Fuel has been approved by the Defense Logistics Agency as the new, improved replacement for the old Trioxane Fuel Bars used by the United States Military for years.

MilPack Gel Fuel benefits:

Safe - The fuel is a gel and therefore does not spill like liquid fuels, such as paraffin. Water can be used on spilled gel fuel to put the fire out. The gel can then be removed and reused by scraping it up. MilPack Military Gel Fuel is non flare, non explosive, non splash and does not produce toxic gases. It is safe to carry on aircraft.

Clean - MilPack Gel Fuel burns clean and odorless, producing only CO2 and water vapor. It can be used indoors and near children though care should be taken that it not be ingested. The problem with other products, like paraffin, is that they are poisonous and can cause asthma. MilPack Gel Fuel produces no smoke and only a clear blue flame, almost invisible in bright day light.

Efficient - MilPack Military Gel Fuel, NSN 9110-01-518-9201, can be extinguished and reused. Each packet burns for about 12-15 minutes, long enough to boil water or get a roaring fire going. MilPack Military Gel Fuel has an indefinite shelf life.

- Squeeze out gel fuel and light.
- Fill Canteen Cup with water.
- Suspend Canteen Cup 2 1/2" over burning gel fuel.
- Shield from wind.
- Avoid skin and eye contact. If accidental contact, use water to wash.
- NOT for human consumption.

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