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From left to right:
Tri-Color Desert, Tiger Stripe, Woodland City Camo, Blue Camo, Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, Woodland Digital, Desert Digital

Extra Large 27" Bandanas are great for head ware,
but have many other uses as well:

 Eye and face protector (dust mask) during wind storms, etc.
 Cover for food or to protect items from the elements
 Bandage or tourniquet for the bleeding or injured 
 Use as a cover or sun shade to prevent sunburn
Wash cloth, dish towel, napkin or pot holder
 Wrap noisy items in your backpack
 Emergency wick for your oil lamp
 Sling for sprained or broken arm
  Wash cloth for cleaning wounds
Emergency Water Filter
Emergency coffee filter
 Emergency carry bag
 Splint bindings
Trail marker
 Sweat Band
 Signal Flag
 Tie down
 Ice pack

Orange Bandana 22" solid
Coyote Brown 22"  solid

27" XLarge Bandanas


  SPECIAL 22" Bandanas


Colors: Tigerstripe, Woodland Camo, Desert Camo, Woodland Digital
22"  Bandanas
Special price





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