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2 Person Emergency Tube Tent

tube tent packaged

A quick, ready made tent so you don't have construct a field shelter. Field shelters take a lot of time to make and if weather is a factor, a quick cover over your head will go a long way. You could certainly spend the time creating a shelter from branches and other natural materials, but having one ready-made would be a tremendous time saver. You can also use this tube tent as a tarp to keep other things dry or as a ground cloth so your bottom stays dry. This tent will serve as an added means of protection in conjunction with a lean-to or wind-break type shelter

2 man tent between trees

Simple and efficient, this 8 ft long tent is easy and quick to set up in an emergency. Rope is included. Very lightweight for backpacking. Accommodates 2 people.  Simply tie off the cord to two stationary objects such as two trees and you have tube tent. As an emergency shelter, you can stay dry and out of the wind.

tube tent in use




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