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UST Reflective Survival Mylar Tent

UST Reflective Mylar TentUST Reflective Mylar Tent packaged

This UST Survival Reflective Tent will provide an A-frame design, waterproof, weatherproof, emergency shelter. It's highly-reflective material that can be seen at great distances. The UST Survival Reflective Tent works to conserve body heat. It's fire-retardant, waterproof, and accommodates 1 person plus gear or 2 medium-sized adults. Sets up in minutes, no poles needed. Lightweight, easy to pack. Includes 14ft of suspension cord which will set up between two trees approximately 12 ft. apart. Ideal survival shelter in times of emergency. Can also be used as a waterproof ground cloth, tarp or signaling device in an emergency. Color: Silver. Measures 96"L x 54"H x 36"W when assembled.




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