BCB Commando Saw with Rings

commando saw with rings

Original BCB Commando Wire Saw with Metal Rings
NSN 5110 99 565 2549
- Issued to SAS British Special Forces

The Cadillac of all wire saws. This NATO approved wire saw will cut wood, plastic,
bone, rubber, or soft metal. It can cut these materials in locations that would be inaccessible to a larger saw. This unique BCB Commando saw consists of a 28" length of 8 strand braided stainless steel wires with metal finger rings. The wire saw can still be strung between the ends of a stick to make a bow saw. This is a serious survival tool that is in use by military pilots and special operations personnel worldwide. This is one of those "must haves" for your survival kit. This version should be considered where a more compact design is needed for placement in a smaller survival kit.

bcb commando saw with rings