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Crusader Integral Cooking System with Accessories

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As a complete set, this innovative solid/gel fuel Crusader Cooker Unit, is designed to meet the changing requirements of the future combat soldier and survivalists alike. An integral folding arm allows the
Crusader Cup Canteen to fit securely over the internal fuel crucible cooker which has a capacity for 40 ml of gel fuel or up to two hexamine fuel blocks, or if you prefer, the Vargo alcohol stoves fits nicely in the center.

Also included in the set is the
Crusader Cup Lid to keep your drinks hot, while giving the capacity to drink without spilling, a NATO superior Water Bottle and Cup, and Ethanol Fuel Sachets (the perfect fuel for this stove). The cooking unit will boil 500 ml of water in 8 minutes. Stove will also use solid fuel.

This unit comes with the upgraded genuine NATO Water Bottle... the 58 Osprey Model with the seal in the cap to prevent leakage, as opposed to the standard water bottle in some kits.

The whole set comes complete and fits nicely in the BCB Camo Pouch, which features a black “snowlock” style buckle, and two small internal pockets for the lid and other survival items. In the lid of the pouch is an interior pocket which will house the
Fireball Fire Flint Fire Starter (also included). There are MOLLE loop fittings on the rear, for attaching to your belt or other MOLLE packs and gear.

Crusader Cooking Unit is available with either the standard silver metal finish or black (PTFE non-stick coated) stainless steel cooker unit and mug. WE ALSO GIVE YOU A FREE CRUSADER CUP HOLDER regardless of which unit you choose !

Total Integral Cook Set
Black Integral Crusader Cookset shown

The Crusader Cooking Unit is available with either the standard silver metal finish or black (PTFE non-stick coated) stainless steel cooker unit and mug.
Both Systems include:
* Crusader Cooker
* Crusader Cup Canteen
* NATO Water Bottle and Cup
* 12 Fuel Packets
* Fireball Flint Fire Starter -new with
liquid filled compass
* Crusader Cup Lid
* Carry Pouch (shown above)
* 12 Fuel Packets


  crusader cup lid in use 

water bottle and cupcrusader cup


MOLLE webbing compatible


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Crusader Cooking System - Stainless Steel Silver - $84.95

Crusader Cooking System - Stainless Steel Black - $83.95

*Take note that it is natural for the black color on the cooker and cooker cup to wear some after several uses. BCB has stated that this is quite natural and perfectly harmless. While this may be so, we want to let you know that if this should be a concern to you, then you may want to purchase the stainless system. 

 Optional Integral Crusader Cooking System CarryAll Bag...
carries the Crusader Cook Set.

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