BCB Mini Mess Tin

bcb mini mess tin

The popular BCB Mini Mess Tin is a super lightweight, airtight, waterproof, aluminum tin with locking roller clasps. It features a rubber seal within the lid, and is useful as a storage tin for personal survival equipment, food or anything that needs to be kept clear of the elements. It's a first choice of survivalists who are putting together their own mini survival kit.

The BCB Mini Mess Tin is a military quality container that is perfect for building your own personal survival kit. It is already in use as the quality container in several BCB NATO survival kits, to include the Ultimate Survival Kit - USAF.

To avoid any confusion as to the BCB Mini Mess Tin's size, please note the dimensions below.

Size: 5.25" x 3.75" x 1"
Weight: 4oz

Please Note: These are currently out of stock. However, since they are extremely popular, we are working to try and get these back in stock as soon as possible, and hopefully at a better discount. Our apologies for the delay.



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