SunX-BugX Repellant Wipes

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SunX sunscreen towelettes
Cedar fragrance
repel insects without using DEET.
Protects against both UVA and UVB rays
Contains aloe vera gel and Vitamin E based formula.
Non-greasy formula
Contains no DEET
SPF 30
    individually wrapped towelettes.
USA made.


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BugX ™ convenient towelettes
contain 30% DEET-Quick-drying, non-sticky
provides hours of insect protection
Sweat resistant
Repels a variety of insects including:
Mosquitoes & Gnats
Deerflies & Horseflies
Ticks & Deer Ticks
Blackflies & Fleas
Chiggers & No-See-Ums
Individually packaged, pocket-sized BugX ™ towelettes allow easy, uniform application, especially to the face area.    USA made.