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Seal Team Operations Medical Pack


Stomp Professional Medical First Aid Trauma Backpack

Stomp Medical First Aid Unitfully loaded red stomp backpack from TheKeytoSurvival
Stomp medical Kit



- The Stomp Medical Kit is a fully stocked Medical First Aid Backpack with a large variety of contents used by professionals, including Paramedics, Military, EMT, Search & Rescue and First Responders.

- Each section opens flat to allow quick and easy access to your instruments and supplies. The two interior sections give you four surface areas containing multiple velcro, mesh and zippered compartments for easy access to over four hundred items, conveniently placed and organized so that everything is within easy reach.

- Not only is the Stomp Kit loaded with supplies, but it also comes with two removable carry bags that you can customize for trauma, resuscitation or other specific uses - and they are furnished with Molle straps and webbing as well!

stomp professional tactical medic backpack stomp medical first aid trauma backpack A PORTABLE HOSPITAL IN A HEAVY DUTY BACKPACK

1000 Denier Heavy Duty Nylon Bag.... NOW BETTER THAN EVER!

The rugged heavy-duty exterior includes grab handles on the top and side, six compression straps to lock down your load, a padded contoured back, adjustable shoulder straps, an adjustable waist belt, H.D. waterproof zippers, a full panel of MOLLE webbing, plenty of Velcro for ID or other patches.
Bag is approximately 20" x 13" x 6" empty.


Most Comprehensive First Aid Kit Available!

The Stomp Med Kit is jam pack loaded with all the essentials you will need in an emergency situation...with over 400 first aid items to handle a multitude of medical injuries. And now there is an additional 10" x 12" zippered storage area, with mess pockets, on the front of the backpack to accommodate even more supplies that you may want to add! This, only available with our bag. The fully loaded unit weighs in at a whopping 18 lbs.

 stomp medical bag blackstomp medical first aid trauma backpack kit black  stomp medical kit new

BONUS Features of this bag....

* Our Stomp Bags have an additional 12" x 10" zippered pocket on the front side of the backpack with 5 added mesh pockets inside to hold more of your medical supplies. On the front is a full panel of MOLLE webbing for attaching pouches, or other accessories.
Stomp bag front panelstomp kit labels

* Each zippered opening is labeled now, numbered 1-4 so that you can keep better track of the contents, and the interior mesh pouches now have clear plastic for labeling!

* The Heavy Duty zippers are waterproofed and the handle has been reinforced with a wrap around velcro for more durability. There is also an additional handle on the side for a more convenient carry.

* 2 additional pouches have been placed on the shoulder straps to accommodate a cell phone, etc.

stomp bag extras

To purchase STOMP Bag only

 stomp medical first aid trauma backpack kit black    Stomp Portable Hospital Medical Bag spreadacu stomp bag epened

Over 400 First Aid Items:

1 -* Irrigation Syringe - 60ml
1 - Bottle Calamine Lotion
2 - Lip Treatments
9 - After Bite Wipes
1 - Burn Spray
1 -* Quick Release Tourniquet
20 - Pain Relievers
4 -* Oral Pain Relief Packets
4 -* Disposable Thermometers
10 - Ammonia Inhalant Ampoules
1 - Blood Clotting Spray
2 - Dlx. Universal Splints - 4" x 36"
3 - Triangular Bandages
1 - Ambu Adjustable Cervical Collar
3 - Elastic Bandage, 6''
6 - Elastic Bandage, 2''
6 - Sterile Sponges, 4'' x 4''
10 - Gauze Sponges 2" x 2
10 - Abdominal Pads,"5"x9
4 - BleedStop Bandages
5 - Eye Pads
6 -* Airways; infant, child, 4 adult sizes

10 - Butterfly Strips
20 - Bandage Strips, 2'' x 3''
20 - Knuckle Bandages
3 - Instant Ice Packs
3 - Surgical Adhesive Tape Rolls
1 - Stethoscope
1 - Blood Pressure Cuff Kit
1 - * Wound Seal Powder2 pk
4 - * Pill Containers
2 - * Oral Rehydration Pks
2 - * N95 flat fold Respirator Masks
2 - EMT Shears
4 - Stainless Steel Hemostats
2 - Israeli Bandage/Tourniquet 4"
2 - Israeli Bandage/Tourniquet 6
1 - Scalpel handle, #3
6 - Scalpel Blades
1 - Pen Light
10 - *Q Tips
10 - *10 Cotton Balls
5 - Suture Sets
6 - Safety Pins

5 - Prs.  Examination Gloves - Sml. - Xlrg.
1 - Skin and Eye Wash = 10 sml. vials
10 - Triple Antibiotic Packages
5 - Burn Gel Packages
20 - Alcohol Wipes
60 - Iodine Wipes
25 - Antiseptic BZK Wipes
2 - Elastic Bandage Gauze 4.5" x 4yds.
2 - CPR Masks
1 - 100 Assorted Size Bandage Strips
5 - Tongue Depressors
2 - Emergency Blankets, 52"x 84"
2 - Multi Trauma ABD Pads, 12''x30''
2 - Quick Clot 1st Response
1 - Pair of Tweezers
1 - Skin Probe
2 - * Surgilube Packets for airways,etc.
1 - * Biohazard Bag 15 gal.
1 - * Antibacterial soap bar - small
4 - * Hydrocortizone  Packets
1 - * Upgraded Stomp Bag
1 - EFA First Aid Guide


* When you purchase your STOMP MED KIT from us, you will receive all the above standard  items, including, at no extra charge, the following additional items:

* 1- large 60ml Irrigation Syringe (yes, this item has been discontinued by the manufacture of this kit, even though many still show it as being included) - WE DO INCLUDE THIS ITEM.
* 6- Extra Airways (6 in all) - good for Infant, Child, Small, Medium, Large, and Xlrg. Adults.
* 1- Wound Seal Powder 2 pk. - blood stopping powder good for hard to reach areas
such as extreme nose bleeds, immediate action
*  2- Surgi-lubeSterile lubricant packets - for insertion of airways, etc.
* 4 -  Pharmaceutical type Pill Containers for personal medication
*  1- 5 Gallon BioHazard Bagfor waste material
*  4- Hydrocortizone Packets
* 2 - N95 flat fold Respirator Masks
* 4- Disposable Thermometers
*  5- Oral Pain Relief Packets
*  1- Quick Release Tourniquet
*  1- Antibacterial soap bar- small
* Oral Rehydration Packs
* 10-Cotton Balls
* 10- Q Tips
* NOTE: These additional items are only available when you purchase your STOMP Med Kit from us.

If you were to purchase this bag and all the supplies separately, costs would be close to double!
S.T.O.M.P. Med Kit
Retails $499.00
Our Price

*Consider upgrading the stethoscope to the Sprague Rappaport style, now on sale!

Only $9.95!
While supplies last

Stomp Medical Kit - Red

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