Israeli Bandage/Tourniquet

Vacuum packed for long term sterilization.
Recommended by Emergency Responders, doctors and combat medics

Instructions clearly posted on back of  vacuum packed package.

The "Israeli Bandage", also called the "trauma bandage", or the "Israeli pressure dressing" replaces the standard dressing issued for decades to troops in the first aid pouch. It is now a common item in the US Army IFAK (military individual first aid kit). Its main purpose is to serve as a pressure dressing, but can also be used to provide a tourniquet-like effect to slow blood circulation.

The Israeli Bandage is kept inside its vacuum-packed package to keep it clean and sterile for long term storage. It has a built in tension bar that applies continuous pressure to the wound, allowing the bandage to act as a stand-alone field dressing, sling, pressure dressing and mild tourniquet. It can used for the treatment of gunshot and puncture wounds, deep cuts, and other traumatic hemorrhagic injuries. It is ideal for head wounds, because it can be wrapped very easily and can be used one-handed For self-treatment in case of an emergency situation where you may be on your own.


4" wide

6 " wide